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booking 00421 917 66 17 65, or via Facebook

Hotel for dogs of small and medium size breeds

Pet Hotel Dewen is a family type dog hotel and a place whole day care for dogs situated in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We offer of accommodation of your dogs, short-time stay (during one day or one night), recondition stay including the Bowen technique massage, basic obedience training, car trasport from and to your place and other services which make easier your own programme and ensure proper care for your doggie at perfect place.

We offer extended health care assistance to dogs of our foreign customers.

We can accept also larger dogs, if they are trained, handled and friendly to other dogs.

Our hotel differs from any other dog hotel by home style accommodation – your pet will stay together with our own dogs and with us indor on our house.

We shall inform you daily about activities of your dog at our Facebook page.

The hotel for dogs Dewen is operated by experienced dog breeders and owners, Viera and Edo Stloukal.
DEWEN dog hotel – really good place for your dog

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