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booking 00421 917 66 17 65, or via Facebook
Programme tailored for your doggie
Our guests have enough time a opportunities to enjoy their time. They are permanently monitored and still in contact with people.
In case of odd weather, they are outdoor at least four times a day at grassy yard together with ther dogs. In case of nice weather, they spend most of the day outdoor.

In case of the communication problems between dogs, they are walked separately or with other non-conflict dogs.

Dogs are fed twice a day (morning and evening).

Dog care in our hotel

We provide a possibility of long term accommodation of dogs, short-time stay (during day or night), recondition stay including the Bowen's technique massage, basic obedience training, car trasport from and to your place and other services which make easier your own programme and ensure proper care for your doggie at perfect place.


The programme is prepared individually for each dog according to wish of our custommers - including feeding, sleeping and training.


You can watch activities of your dog at our Facebook page


Relevant veterinarian care for our guests is ensured by the top clinique MVDr. Fico.