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Terms and conditions of accommodation

Any small or medium size dog is welcome in our hotel, purebreed or no-pedigree one, but vaccinated against principal transmitted illnesses (rabies, parvovirus, distemper, pen-cough) and treated against common external and internal parasites.
We need to keep the pet passport of your dog during stay with us, where all required vaccinations are listed.

We recommend you bring food, lair or box, favourite toy, and medicine (including dosing), cloth (if your dog use to wear it).
You can collect your dog anytime in working hour or based on the agreement.
There is a written protocol on check-in and check-out signed by the dog owner.

Rates for accommodation and services in 2015

  whole day (more than 12 hours) short-time stay (less than 12 hrs)
Accommodation and the standard care * € 10 5 Euro
surcharge for bitch in season € 5 € 5
surcharge for dogs with weight over 20 kg € 5 € 5
surcharge for puppy younger than 6 month € 5 € 5
Above standard care    
coat maintenance (bath, pedicure, etc.) € 5
Bowen technique by order
fitness activities (above 1 hour) € 5
obedience training by order
veterinarian care to the life (bill will be provided)
dog taxi ** 0.30 € / km


settler bonus – 10 % reduction of accommodation fees for long-term accomodation (= each 10th day for free)
All payments should be arranges on arrival of guest to the hotel by bank transfer to the account  50 52 89 09 92 / 0900
(IBAN SK61 0900 0000 0050 5289 0992) or cash.

Extended health care assistance

Because of customers (people) are busy during working hours and mostly not familiar with veterinary facilities, we offer you the extended health care assistance.
It includes recommendation of the best veterinary clinics and specialists, taking care about vaccinations, antiparasitic , regular health control - including.

Health problems and veterinarian care

In case of any health troubles, the dog owner will be informed immediately and consulted for further process. Owner of the dog will cover necessary fees for veterinarian care when dog will be picked by him/her.

Accommodation contract and questionaire

The accommodation contract is based on general legal requirements.
The questionaire is the part of the contract and summarizes information on the guest.

Dog taxi

We can manage a car transfer of our guests to and from our hotel.
Transfer from / to the nearest stop of public transport is free of charge.

* standard care consists of accommodation, meal twice a day, four daily walks, plays, outdoor activities, housekeeping and principal care.
** transfer from the nearest stop of the public transport for free

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